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  • CBD Flower (500g Packs)

    orcanex CBD Flower (500g Packs)

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    Our premium CBD flowers offers an exceptional experience to the customer. Each bud is meticulously hand-picked and harvested to deliver the highest quality of hemp available. Our unique selection of strains ensures that there is something for everyone, whether they prefer an uplifting feeling or more calming relaxation.   - Per KG

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  • CBG Flower (500g Packs)

    orcanex CBG Flower (500g Packs)

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    Our CBG Cannabis flowers are an incredible experience for any cannabis enthusiast! Featuring a higher than average cannabigerol content, these infused products offer raw cannabinoid potential to those looking to try something special. The CBG molecule provides a unique range of properties that help contribute to a multitude of wellness effects. With us you can have complete assurance in finding top-tier quality and potency with each flower, harvested at the peak of season and expertly cured until the time they reach your door. 

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  • HHC Flower (500g Packs)

    orcanex HHC Flower (500g Packs)

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    Our HHC flowers are second to none. From the moment you open the package, the sweet smell of these all-natural buds greets you. Grown with skilled hands and an eye for quality, these plants have been carefully raised from seed to flower without any chemicals or harsh additives. Whether you enjoy smoking, vaporising, or using them in edibles, you will be impressed by the smooth flavour and calming effects of this plant. For those looking for a product that provides both a pleasant experience and peace of mind, our HHC Cannabis flowers provide the perfect solution.

    10 in stock



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